Crazed for These Candy Crazed Items

Hello, Poptropicans! There are new store items. To the left, there is the Gumdrop Pup follower and Gummy rider*. To the right, there is Master Huggins piggyback*. For the gear, there is cat hoodie, garden glamour*, barbarian warrior*, and summer breeze*. Bye! -Sleepy Starfish

Sunset Tee, Hawk Wings, Music, and More

Hi! It’s a new week which means new store items. There’s the sunset tee, baseball uniform*, hawk wings*, halter neck dress, and a spring flower pet. Do you guys like the Poptropica music? You can listen to it here. Bye! -Sleepy Starfish

Lost Cubs Mini Quest

Hello! Happy Eid! If you go to the left on Home Island in Poptropica, you will see a bear sitting on Ishmael. Find the 5 cubs. Once you find the 5 cubs, you get a cub follower. You can replay the quest as many times. Bye! -Sleepy Starfish


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